Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meal of Champions

Just thought it was worth noting that after winning a Gold Medal or two (or three or five or eight), Olympian Michael Phelps had to refuel with a cheeseburger and fries at McDonalds.

Ha! Take that, health Nazis!

Fast Food Olympics

One of the more memorable things about the 2008 Beijing Olympics was the constant almost annoying McDonald's commercials for their recent Chick-Fil-A rip-off sandwich. Not very Olympic, but this Mickey D commercial from earlier in the summer is more fitting. Gotta love the McNuggets, almost as much as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... and don't forget the fries!

Big Red Kitchen Fries

The terrific foodie blog, Big Red Kitchen, recently posted a cool recipe (or set of rules) for making homemade fries.

Robin Sue certainly has a healthy respect and sense of humor for the favorite fried food and gets extra props. You can view the whole package here.

Mmmm... fries...