Sunday, February 17, 2013

Florida Fries?

Awesome French Fry sculpture at the University of Florida
The Bride and I are in the midst of planning a vacation for this coming September. We'll be taking a week-long cruise on the majestic Disney Fantasy, bookended on each end by a few days in the Orlando Florida area.

I'm counting on my Florida homies now. Terry, Gail, even the French Fry Fairy - I'm looking at you folks, and anyone else who has a suggestion - where are the good (or bad) fries in that area of the Sunshine State?

We will probably be hitting Raglan Road and Hamburger Mary's, but where else should we be going for fries? Please let me know!


Heironymous said...

Have you ever been to one of the Steak n' Shake chain of restaurants?

We went to one in Vero Beach a long time ago (2002), but the chain has locations all around the Orlando / Kissimee metro area. At that time (2002), they had really good bugers and fries.

If you'll be renting a car, it may be worth a quick trip on the way to or from Port Canaveral. There is one a few miles from the port on Merrit Island (Cocoa Beach).

Terry Willitts said...

Hey, I wanna go to Hamburger Mary's with y'all!

I just heard about this other burger joint that I'll be checking out in May... and I'll see if I can find any other good places in the meantime.

Steak 'n Shake fries suck.

Unknown said...

Depending on scheduling, Terry, we'd love to have you for Hamburger Mary's.

As far as Steak 'n Shake goes, I have had many recs for and against it. As there are none in my area, and there will be one on the way to Port Canaveral, I think we will see for ourselves. Thanks, Dom!

Terry, keep me updated on any other places as well, man!