Thursday, July 09, 2015

French Fry Diary 677: Jersey Shore Fry Company

I recently surprised The Bride by taking her to the Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park NJ. The place is basically a big old-fashioned arcade like back in the day, predominantly filled with pinball machines from every era, and a few 1980s videogames as well. We got a pass to play any games we wanted for a few hours, but once that was over, we were a little hungry for a snack.

Behind the counter as we entered on the Boardwalk, there was a snack bar, just easy stuff, but including fries. The fries were specially sponsored by the Jersey Shore Fry Company, and the machines I saw behind the counter that made the fries bore the logo of the Perfect Fry Company. Okay, I was sold, I had to try them. We ordered inside, then ate at a table out on the Boardwalk. Fries and wind off the beach, it was nice.

The fries themselves were slightly larger than usual regular cut natural cuts, lightly battered, soft and hot inside, and crispy outside, with a subtle seasoning. They were very good dipped in the hot cheddar cheese that came with them. The Bride really liked them, loved the Silverball Pinball Museum, and together we had a really terrific day.

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