Monday, August 31, 2015

French Fry Diary 689: Red Robin Birthday

This weekend I turned (choke, gasp) fifty-one years old, and The Bride put together a birthday celebration for me, a dinner at the legendary original home of the bottomless steak fries, Red Robin.

I have to admit being a bit gun shy of having a gathering, especially a large gathering, at a restaurant after putting together an event at a restaurant for the South Jersey Writers a couple weeks ago that resulted in several tables not together and one single check, and let me assure you, writers are not good at math. In contrast, the management and wait staff at the Cherry Hill Red Robin were extremely helpful, and got everything right - huge props!

So many friends, fellow writers, and even some family showed up. Apparently I'm more loved than I think, but more likely I suspect folks were there for the fries. Kidding. The meal started with, as it always does at Red Robin, with the tower of onion rings. Much like the Bloomin' Onion at Outback, how can you not get it?

I ordered my usual, a plain burger, which was fantastic, and a side of the bottomless steak fries. My big sister loved the fact that she could customize her meal online before arriving at the restaurant, so she was ready. The Bride got the garlic herbed fries which were also awesome, and a friend got a poutine fries concoction, seen below.

At one point, I had finished my fries, and was left with a lonely metal ring…

…but that was quickly remedied, Red Robin is after all the home of bottomless steak fries.

I had a terrific birthday, made extra special by friends and family, and the staff of Red Robin. Thanks to all!


Victoria Marie Lees said...

Darling, of course you're loved. We'd all be lost without you. I must admit that I'd have a problem stopping if I ever got "bottomless" steak fries. I LOVE french fries. okay, I just LOVE potatoes. Thanks for sharing this, Glenn, and Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a good one. P.S. There are reasons why we are writers. Not the best at math is one of them.

Heironymous said...

Can you share the poutine concoction? I am at a loss as to what at Red Robin you would order to even make it up (other than the fries).

Glad your Birthday Bash was enjoyable. Though I'm guessing my invitation was lost in the mail?