Saturday, February 14, 2009

French Fry Diary 12: Chickie’s & Pete’s

It’s Philadelphia Wings lacrosse season, and that means one thing… well, several things, but only one thing that is relevant to this blog, and that’s Crab Fries!

Now let’s be clear. I have never ever been to any of Chickie’s & Pete’s five area locations in the Delaware Valley, but they do serve their world famous Crab Fries at the Wachovia Center where the Wings play their home games.

The famous Crab Fries are really simplicity itself despite being an addictive taste sensation. They are just pixie crinkle-cuts smothered in old bay seasoning. But then again, if you’ve ever tried to duplicate this miracle at home, you know it’s just not that simple. Perhaps it’s old bay and crack cocaine – they are that damned addictive.

They are best served hot, and taste-wise very hot, and somehow are much better while watching a sporting event. They come in big honking Big Gulp-sized cup, but still once they’re gone you still want more. While I myself am a French fry purist, one of the winning features of the Crab Fries is the two mini-tubs of white cheese that accompany them. This special cheese is reputedly so good that sometimes it’s hijacked for other park foods like hot dogs and pretzels.

Should you not be able to finish your Crab Fries in the course of a four quarter lacrosse game (or any sporting event really), the good news is they heat up real well at home whether you bake ‘em or nuke ‘em, tasty tasty.

Like I said, the best part of any Wachovia trip and a Philadelphia tradition. When you’re talking Philly sports and French fries, you’re talking Chickie’s & Pete’s.


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