Friday, June 24, 2016

The Loaded Bloomin' Onion

The Outback Steakhouse's specialty is a caloric monstrosity called the Bloomin' Onion. It is absolutely terrible for you healthwise, but don't get me wrong, it is delicious, dangerously delicious. I love them.

Outback has made it worse, and that is to say, better. They now have a Loaded Bloomin' Onion. It's the standard Bloomin' Onion, but topped with the Outback's Aussie Fries

Friday, June 17, 2016

Random Tater Pic of the Day #242

Here's a shot from the photo shoot for the new album by The Hot Sardines, with lots of the favorite fried food, potato and onion varieties. Their album, wonderfully titled French Fries + Champagne releases today, June 17th. You can find them on Facebook, on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and their own website. You can order the new album, as well as lots of other cool swag here.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

French Fry Diary 705: McDonald's French Fry Snack Maker

This wonderful toy - the McDonald's French Fry Snack Maker from Mattel - was a thoughtful holiday gift from my dear friend Anne-Sophie years ago, and yes, I have only just now gotten around to writing about it.

For the folks who are always railing about how unhealthy McDonald's fries are or how they aren't really made of what they say they are - this toy should amuse no end. This French Fry Snack Maker is fully functional and does make fries (not cooked of course) but they're not made of potato. They made of bread. As it says on the box, "all you need is... bread, cinnamon, sugar" and "use other foods to make lots of different snacks!"

Bread is the big one though, it even comes with a coupon for fifty-five cents off two loaves of Wonder Bread. Two loaves? Wow, that's a lot of fries. And then there's also the cinnamon sugar mix you make yourself and use to fill the tiny plastic McDonald's 'salt' shaker. But fair warning, these easy to make non-potato snacks can be addictive, so eat responsibly.

Here's how it's done. You use the crust cutter to cut out a fair sized square of bread, then you feed it into the top of the machine. Turn the crank and the bread comes out the bottom in shoestring-sized strips. You take the 'fries' and put them in the little plastic McD's fry boxes and 'salt' them with your cinnamon sugar mixture. Enjoy!

The instruction booklet also comes with a page of other 'recipes' to try. These are much the same as the above but replacing the cinnamon sugar with vanilla instant pudding mix, or instant spiced cider powdered mix, or powdered cheese flavoring, or Nestle Quik chocolate drink mix, or just strawberry jelly. Fresh bread is always recommended, and while wheat bread can be used, don't try multi-grain.

At the same time this toy was available, Mattel also made a Hamburger Snack Maker, a Shake Maker, a Cookie Maker, and a Happy Meal Snack Maker, of which the Fry Maker was only one component. Hmmm... I'm probably better off not knowing what those burgers and shakes were really made of...

Despite how downright bizarre it sounds, I love this thing, it rocks, and I've enjoyed its odd and simple style of breadsticks, I mean fries many times. Thanks, Anne-Sophie!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

French Fry Diary 704: South Jersey Farewell Tour

As some of you may or may not know, The Bride and I are moving from the wonderful South Jersey/Philadelphia area to the Sunshine State of Florida. By the end of the summer we'll no longer be New Jersey residents. Before we go I will be eating and enjoying the last of such wonderful foods as cheesesteaks and soft pretzels for instance.

I have a number of places I want to visit one last time before we go, a farewell tour if you will. Favorites like The Pub, Donkey's Place, The Pop Shop, and Chickie's & Pete's are all on the list, but I want your input. If you were leaving this area, where would you want to go one last time? Let me know!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Potato Chip Lady on The Tonight Show

This clip is from the late eighties, and I remember watching it, and laughing hysterically. The clip was discussed this morning on OpieRadio via satellite radio, reminding me of it. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

McDonald's Gilroy Garlic Fries

Although still regional at the moment, McDonald's is test marketing a new fry item, something they don't do very often. Usually when there's a new Mickey D's product, it's a sandwich of some kind, but this time it's the fries.

Joining with the folks at Gilroy Garlic Fries from Gilroy California, the garlic capital of the world, McDonald's have introduced their new Gilroy Garlic Fries - their classic golden shoestring fries, tossed with a special mix of Parmesan cheese, parsley, olive oil, salt, and chopped Gilroy Garlic.

Gilroy Garlic Fries, sans McDonald's golden fries have been a favorite at ball parks in California for quite some time.

These fries proved so popular in the San Francisco and San Jose test areas that McDonald's restaurants ran out of the garlic mix. More on the story can be found here. I hope these new fries come to our area soon. How about you?

Special thanks to Peggy, Andrew, and the bro-in-law who were among the first to hip me to this ongoing fry situation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

French Fry Diary 703: Whole Cuts

This potato snack, Whole Cuts, comes from Calbee, the same notorious company that makes shrimp chips, seaweed chips, and yes, the infamous French fries in a can. At once I was wary, but as with many things on this blog - I try it so you won't have to.

"Cut like a fry, crisp like a chip." is what the hype says, and these gluten free snacks claim natural simplicity with no preservatives and no artificial flavors. The ingredients are just potatoes, oil, and salt.

After I got into the nearly unopenable package (so tough to open these could have been sold at Trader Joe's), the Whole Cuts had the look of natural cut shoestrings but felt dry and firm and more solid. These were very crunchy and have a thorough potato flavor with just the right amount of salt.

Not bad and quite the crunchy little snack, these were much better than I at first thought they would be. Granted, Whole Cuts wouldn't be my first choice as a snack, but these were quite good.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fries of New York

Fellow Biff Bam Popper, author, and musician, Luke Sneyd hipped me to this quite some time ago, in fact a while ago when the exhibition was still running back in November of 2012. Even though these things sometimes slip through the cracks of the internet, the exhibition is still cool, and findable on the webs.

Sponsored by Sir Kensington's, makers of cool spiced ketchups, the company put together this awesome pop-up attraction called "Fries of New York: An Uncommon Exhibit" at 168 Bowery in New York City. Eighty different French fries from various New York restaurants participated and no left hungry as cocoa and chili-dusted waffle fries were served. Man, I wish I could've been there.

An article about "Fries of New York" can be found here, along with images on Instagram here, and all the great stuff at the Sir Kensington's website too. Mmm… fries… And thanks, Luke!