Wednesday, January 23, 2013

French Fry Diary 457: Herr's Onion Rings

Every once in a while I need a break from French fries, potato chips, and even onion rings, so I try something different - onion ring flavored snacks. I've done a few of these, finding the 7-Eleven Select brand the best of the bunch. Recently I picked up a package of the Herr's variety at my local Wawa - Herr's Onion Rings.

Like most onion flavored snacks, these aren't really onion rings at all but corn meal covered in onion powder. Some have a bit more kick, but the Herr's rings are -just- that, some salt, and a whole lotta multisyllable chemicals.

The onion flavored corn meal rings aren't bad, but they aren't that great either. They are a little grainy, and could not only use more of a kick, they could use more flavor as well. As a rule, I am usually pretty pleased with Herr's products, but this is an exception.

Herr's Onion Rings are all right in a pinch, or an impulse buy, but if I want an onion flavored snack, I'm going to 7-Eleven.


Jessica said...

So basically funyuns? I haven't had those in a very long time.

Glenn Walker said...

I would say that the Herr's are definitely better than Funyuns:


Jessica said...

Ya know, I figured you must have had a funyun post haha. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to seek out the herr's now. I agree - funyuns are too crunchy.

Jessica said...

Ya know, I figured there must have been a funyun post haha. I agree - they're too crunchy. I'll have to seek out the Herr's.