Wednesday, January 30, 2013

French Fry Diary 460: Two Amish Farm Markets

My friend Marni is always on the lookout for interesting subjects for the French Fry Diary. Recently she procured two items, from two different Amish Farmers Markets in South Jersey. First, from Bridgeton, she got homemade BBQ potato chips, then from Vineland, onion ring snacks.

The BBQ potato chips, which looked to be more crushed pieces than actual chips, were from Esh's Bulk Food & Candy at The Greater Bridgeton Amish Farm Market, and cost roughly $3.50 a pound. That's much less expensive than regular chips, but of course, in smaller pieces.

Before even trying these chips, I have to admit, one of the ingredients kinda turned me off a bit. The label listed "Selected potatoes, shortening (lard) and salt." Oookay. Lard is never appetizing, but I had to wonder - where was the BBQ seasoning? Or was it just salt?

There is some sort of seasoning, but it was definitely a weak sister to most BBQ seasonings, and not listed on the ingredients. That of course, sadly, wasn't the taste that bugged me about these rather bland chips. I couldn't seem to place it but I didn't really want to eat many if these. They made me a little queasy. If I'm being completely honest, I didn't like these at all. Sorry, Marni.

The onion rings were more accurately onion flavored snacks and came from CK Nut & Candy LLC at the Landis Marketplace in Vineland. Their ingredient list seemed a bit more familiar and straight forward. That was a relief.

For onion snacks they were a bit more orange than most I've seen. That color was misleading as they weren't as spicy as I suspected. But it should be mentioned they also weren't as oniony either. They were quite good, if a bit bland. I liked these, complete opposite of the chips, clear keepers.

Thanks again, Marni!


Digital Dave said...

I had some chicken rings at White Castle yesterday. That was my first mistake. I ordered them "buffalo style" because i like hot stuff. They were just the regularly prepared rings but coated with a very nasty, very dry and fine powder that approximated quite badly the flavor of buffalo sauce. But dry. As my old friend used to say, it was "The Nast".

Glenn Walker said...

I'm not a big fan of White Castle, but there are certain times in the middle of the night when the tiny square burgers do call to me. Sadly, WC has moved out of my area. I think the closest one is now over an hour away.