Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Tater Pic of the Day #86

Don't even ask, I don't even get it.

The caption to the image says: "I swear, Batman, If you ate my fries… Mini-Batman’s Adventure Time Adventures - Part Three Batman, why did you eat my fries?"

Seriously, I don't get "Adventure Time," if you can explain it to me, a fan of both Batman and French fries, it would be appreciated. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I like Adventure Time, but I think if you don't watch every second of an episode, you'll wind up not understanding WTF anything is about, as per this example.

Heironymous said...

Why does it need to be explained to you?

I would think that if you don't get it, then you were not its intended target of mirth or attempt at humor.

However, if this helps, it is very similar to an eclair being a donut.


Glenn Walker said...

Dom, you sound like you've been taking logic lessons from one of our mutual acquaintances. ;-)

Bryce Isaacson said...

There was an Emmy-nominated episode last (?) season where Marcelline, the vampire girl, sings a song asking her did "why did you eat my fries." And I guess Finn is Batman because his regular hat kind of has 2 points?