Thursday, April 16, 2009

19 Worst Drive-Thru Foods in America

Those damned Health Nazis are at it again. And it’s those "Eat This Not That" folks, who really, should know better, to be honest. They have listed the 19 Worst Drive-Thru Foods in America, and so naturally I gravitated to the favorite fried food.

The worst ‘potato side’ is the bacon cheddar potato wedges from Jack in the Box according to them. They don’t even have the testicular fortitude to have a French fry category – their assumption being that fries are never healthy I suppose. I also noted that there’s no hamburger category, but instead a cheeseburger category. They are being purposefully misleading. Elitists.

What I don’t get is if you were going to Jack in the Box and ordered the potato wedges, with the extra unhealthiness of bacon and cheddar cheese – you deserve to get an unhealthy meal. You were too stupid to order the fries instead… Jack in the Box has terrific fries, in both natural cut and curly variety. Why would you get the potato wedges?


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