Tuesday, August 04, 2009

French Fry Diary 35: The Just Fries Phenomenon

One thing I noticed on this trip to Walt Disney World was that there were a few places in WDW, notably Disney MGM Studios and the Magic Kingdom where McDonalds fries were available as a snack. Just the fries. Well, also beverages of course, but none of the other standard Mickey D’s fare. No Big Macs, no McNuggets, no triple thick shakes, not even a McGriddle – just those delicious golden fries.

It’s almost as if someone figured out what the winning menu item was and decided to cash in. Now you can go up to a McDonalds kiosk and order fries, and not feel like a fiend because you didn’t order a sandwich too. Great marketing, Disney and McDonalds! And by the way, the ‘golden’ fries near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride – clever!

*reviewed from my 2005 trip to Walt Disney World.

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