Monday, April 19, 2010

French Fry Diary 104: Alexia Waffle Fries

Much like curly fries, the odd more 3-D shape of waffle fries might make baking more difficult for an even cook than deep frying – so I had my doubts on baking Alexia’s Waffle Fries. I like Alexia, and their frozen Onion Rings are top notch in my book, so I decided to give these a shot.

When it comes to fully peeled and cut vs. non-fully peeled and cut in the package – it’s about five to one. For me this is good as I prefer the latter over the former. Nothing against the potato skins, just my preference. These are very spicy, as listed: sea salt, pepper, onion and garlic – they’re almost golden brown with the seasoning before they even go into the oven.

The directions say about twenty to twenty-five minutes and that’s about right, but keep an eye on the smaller pieces as they will be done first – some even when you do your mid-bake turning. When they’re done, they are best hot right from the oven. Have something cold on hand for not only the heat but the spices. Some are uneven, but for most of them – when they are good, they are real good.

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