Friday, May 20, 2011

Tabu - Addendum

What is that old Styx song from the 1980s say? "Nothing ever goes as planned, it's a hell of a notion..." Yeah, this is something like that.

Yesterday I posted a review of Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar that was almost a year old. The plan was to post a review of last year's Eurovision on my pop culture blog, Welcome to Hell, and then link that in the Tabu review because that's where the Eurovision party was held. Yeah, just like the Styx song, I never finished the Eurovision review, so the French fries review languished for over a year.

Well, as one might expect, after a year, my review is painfully outdated. No shoestrings anymore, but I want you all to know that Tabu has a wonderful menu that includes, among other great stuff: seasoned waffle fries, sweet potato fries, garlic smashed potatoes and also something called chicken cheese fries.

The Tabu website can be found here, and they are also on Facebook and Twitter. Definitely check them out!

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betterblogthanyours said...

Wow and I thought your Godzilla post was long-coming. ;)