Wednesday, December 07, 2011

French Fry Diary 307: Mr. PotAto headZ

Here's a great video by PantyMython, check it out…

Here's what the creator has to say about the video: "Mr. Potato Head is like the funnest toy ever.

I spent a week on this. The music is from audionautix. The voice is mine, and the screams are MrCapo68 and I. I bent the pitch on everything, and I did all the sound effects.

The animation is 350 still shots.
Every potato is moving something in every single shot.

It's chroma-keyed (green screen, this is the reason I didn't use any green parts in the video - the hats are exactly the same color as my screen), with a background I made in sony vegas.

My neighbor let me borrow her Potato Head collection for this. thx Monica!

I think the whole thing is pretty explanatory, but for the person who doesn't get it and puts "wtf?" as a comment, this is what this video is about....

One by one, each Potato head brings in a new potato body to put together. Each time they work together to complete the Potato person. But, the last Potato Head is kind of different, he doesn't really have the standard Potato Head parts. Instead of returning to the group with a Potato Body, he returns with the remains of a Potato Body - French Fries. He asks if anyone wants a fry, declares that he has enough for everyone, and that he has them in his compartment. The other Potato Headz are very alarmed at this, realizing that they have a cannibalistic, murderous Potato Head in their midst."

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