Monday, February 18, 2013

French Fry Diary 462: Toto Fresco, Medford NJ

I had to run down to Medford to the DMV, which was a mercilessly brief task, and leaving I saw a sign for a mini-cheesesteak for only $3.49. It was lunchtime, and I've been on a cheesesteak kick lately, so I went into Toto Fresco.

The place seemed pretty typical for a pizza place, but very warm and friendly. Sadly, I haven't seen that in a while. I watched as they made my order, quickly and seemingly efficiently. My order was up, and I headed home. The food stayed warm and smelled terrific the whole ride home.

When I got home however and opened the bag, it wasn't all happiness unfortunately. The mini-cheesesteak, actually of a pretty fair size, with American cheese on an awesome sesame seed kaiser roll, wasn't bad at all. I would get it again in a heartbeat. Nice sandwich, nice price.

The French fries on the other hand, were not so good. The deep fried Invisicoat regular cuts were so greasy they had soaked through the wax paper bag they were in. Once the bag was torn off, I was left with a clump of fries. Yeah, they were stuck together in the shape of the bag. Also for Invisicoat fries they were epic fails as they had no crunch, just an all big soft greasy sog.

The next time I'm down that way, I would definitely go again. I liked Toto Fresco. Maybe I'll get the mini, or try a full sandwich, and get those steak cut onion rings I saw on the menu. But stay away from the fries.

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