Tuesday, February 25, 2014

French Fry Diary 558: Indian Chief Tavern

A few months back, The Bride performed at the second annual charity event called Women 2 Women 2. Women 2 Women is an advocacy group with the mission of bringing female artists together to share a night of music while raising awareness and funding for Women's causes, locally and nationally. The event features talented female performing artists from all over the Philadelphia tri-state area, from all walks of life, to share their love for their craft, music.

These performers offer a diverse range of music while raising funds for this year's chosen charity, Providence House in Burlington County. Performing that night were: Janet Bufano, Kathi Cooley, Megan Knight, Stephanie Davis, Britt Marie Zammer, Rachel Evans, Arianna Burmeister, Sandy Hall, Chrissy Hartline, Susan “Sooze” Lake, Tina Brand, Nikki Zammer, Kate Bradshaw, Danielle Denning, Carolyn, Christine & Cynthia Barbadoro, and of course, The Bride, Jennifer Walker.

The Bride was awesome and rocked the place with her renditions of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker," Network's "Rock Me" and "Stand and Deliver" by Adam and the Ants. I thought she was the best one, but then again I'm biased. Seriously, she was fabulous, and Women 2 Women raised a lot of money for Providence House. You can see more details, more pictures, and even a video or two, here.

Why am I writing about that here? Well, we had dinner at the Indian Chief Tavern before the event began, and I got, as you might have guessed, French fries. I went simple, and usual, and got a burger and fries. The fries were deep fried regular cuts, crisp, not greasy and surprisingly good. It was also a great burger, pre-formed, medium well and served on a perfect large sesame seed bun. The perfect burger was complemented by the fries.

This was so not what I was expecting from this place. One end of the building was the bar and stage area, while the other was the restaurant I had not heard good things about. Granted what I ordered was essentially bar food, but it was awesome, as was everything else the folks in our party ordered. This was a great dinner that got us ready for a great night of music. The unfortunately named Indian Chief Tavern, and Women 2 Women, both get a thumbs up!

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