Monday, March 21, 2016

French Fry Diary 691: I Hate Answers.Com

For quite some time I have planned a post over at my other blog, Welcome to Hell, about Answers.Com, and why I hate them so much. But the opportunity presented itself here at French Fry Diary first, so here you go.

The culprit that brought me here is the 'article' (and I use the term loosely) called "10 Food Things Only People That Grew Up in the Midwest Understand," and no, I'm not giving out any URLs in this blog post, because I don't want anyone going to Answers.Com. I hate them that much. Do not go there.

Here's my problem. They present 'articles' that are usually countdowns or top tens that are really series of twenty or so clicks and pages long. I do understand why they do this. It's so you see twenty or so different ads, and might, just might, accidentally click on one of those ads as you monotonously click through to see the rest of the article. I hate it. For instance, getting back on the topic, this article has in excess of twenty-five pages to click through to see all of the '10 Food Things.'

Among the 'Food Things' listed are mayonnaise on French fries, more European than Midwestern, but really, when has simple fact-checking ever stopped Answers.Com? They claim it adds a little different flavor than traditional ketchup. Really? What a revelation!

They also say that Midwesterners know that onions belong in fried potatoes. Well, yeah, onions and potatoes are friends. The much-missed Little Shanty taught me that. Man, do I miss those fries… Of course Answers.Com insists it's only a breakfast thing, they don't know how to live. They also mention fried cheese curds, distant cousin of the French fry and the onion ring.

So if you want to spend twenty minutes to a half-hour clicking through some mindless ads and 'facts' that aren't checked, just to learn that soda is called pop in the Midwest, go for it, but me, I'm out. I am officially boycotting Answers.Com, and no amount of pictures of the favorite fried food will lure me back.

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