Wednesday, January 04, 2017

French Fry Diary 728: Bojangles

On the way down to Florida, driving our cars down with friends David and Johnny, The Bride and I stopped at Bojangles. We made the trek on the day a hurricane was coming up the coast toward us, but scheduling being what it was, it was unavoidable.

We made North Carolina by lunchtime and we were starving and needing a potty break. At the time, North Carolina was making headlines for their insane bathroom laws. We had no choice but to stop there, we did not want to - get your head out of your ass, North Carolina. Nevertheless we ended up at Bojangles, a place neither native to New Jersey or Florida.

I stayed in the car with Snowy the cat, he'd had a rough time of it, with the long car ride and the constant rain and wind, which was still going on outside. I got a Country Ham Biscuit to split with the kitty, as he loves ham. The biscuit was heavenly, the ham was fatty but good, and either way Snowy loved it. With him happy and content, and acting more like himself than he had been the first leg of the trip, I moved on to the fries.

The fries at Bojangles are natural cut mini-steak fries, flat like Wendy's latest and not-so-great fries. They were spicy - paprika maybe, definitely pepper and Cajun seasoning - with a bit of a kick.

It was a pretty good meal all things considered. And while I had to eat in the state, I did not use the bathroom, even though I had to go, holding it for another two hours until we hit South of the Border. Screw you, North Carolina, but thumbs up to Bojangles.

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Keep up the good work man!!