Thursday, May 20, 2010

French Fry Diary 112: Sal’s Pizzaworks

Sal’s Pizzaworks is a local pizza place we order from a lot in Marlton NJ. Great steak sandwiches and Panzarottis. We always get fries with them, well, you have to, how can you not, really? They just go together. Any order we make, we always get fries.

Sal’s has consistently good regular cuts, like the kind you can buy at the supermarket, and deep-fried. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, because they are always good. They know how to make fries. Simple doesn’t count against you, especially if they’re good.

As we always order in or pick-up, the fries always come in those tin pie plate diner thingies. They’re ideal to pop in the oven to reheat (take off the plastic cover first!), which these fries do quite well. The servings are substantial so there is always enough for a snack later.

Sal’s also has onion rings, sadly also from the grocers’ freezer but without the care given the fries. They’re not horrible, but they’re not great either. They are better than Burger King’s, which is saying something. And the onion rings are terrific if added to a Sal’s burger or steak sandwich.

Sal’s Pizzaworks – simple but substantial – recommended.

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