Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Grilled Fries

Special treat this time out, folks. A recipe from me, cobbling together a few ideas from here and there, and geared for this weekend's Memorial Day barbeque.

We took russet potatoes, cut them lengthwise, then again, and then again, so they were similar to long potato wedges. Next we threw them in a big bowl and dowsed them in about a half cup of olive oil. Next some salt, pepper, seasoned salt and paprika were thrown in. Then with bare hands you toss the potato wedges like a salad so that all the potatoes get the mixture on them.

For the next step put the bowl in the microwave for five minutes. We're looking for that almost baked potato consistency, but not quite, because the finish is what makes this recipe a barbeque holiday treat. Next stop is the charcoal grill to get those amazing grill lines and make them golden brown. Plate them and enjoy, crispy grilled on the outside, soft hot baked potato on the inside. Mmmm... Happy Memorial Day!

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