Monday, November 22, 2010

French Fry Diary 175: Wendy's Flashback

After my reports on Wendy's changing their fries and then my initial review of Wendy's former fries, I was contacted by someone who worked with the Wendy's company who urged me to re-try the old fries, and then when the new fries came out, try them as well, and compare and contrast. Well, let's be serious here, no one has to twist my arm to eat the favorite fried food, so I went back to Wendy's.

I like Wendy's old fries, heck, I love 'em, regular cuts that simply rock. They're good for sandwiching and especially for dipping in your Frosty. I'm really not sure what else I can say. I could note that over the years, if I had to complain, I have noticed that sometimes they either come too salty or with no salt at all. That could be a complaint of any fast food place but I have noticed it consistently more at Wendy's. But again, I really like Wendy's fries, saying otherwise is just looking for a problem. Even gold bricks are heavy, you know what I mean?
Rather than belabor the point I will instead bore you with a vivid memory of Wendy's from the past. In the mid-nineties I spent a year unemployed. Too picky when looking for work, and too stupid to think I could make a living writing, I took to delivering flowers for a very generous local florist who paid me under the table. It was good work, hard work, and I learned to use a map (in the days before Mapquest and GPS) better than anyone should ever need to.

In all my deliveries criss-crossing two counties to make secretaries and birthday girls and boys happy, I kept passing the same Wendy's restaurant, the one on the Route 38 circle, over and over again. It became a haven, especially around lunch time, for both bathroom breaks and a snack. Strapped for cash (I was still unemployed), I would always get the same thing - a small Coke and a small fry (yeah, I was addicted even then).

A dollar and seventy cents - I still remember that to this day because I got it so much. My stop at Wendy's was always a highlight, an oasis in an otherwise lousy day. And the fries from this one Wendy's were always perfect.

I'll be back tomorrow with my review of the new French Fries at Wendy's. See you then.

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