Friday, July 05, 2013

French Fry Diary 501: The Melting Pot

Ray and his lovely wife have been trying to get The Bride and me to go to The Melting Pot for almost a decade now. After dragging Ray to Zinburger the night before, we all made impromptu plans to hit The Melting Pot in Philadelphia that night.

For those of you not in the know, The Melting Pot is a fancy chain restaurant that, similar to Benihana, is known more for the experience than anything else. It's a fondue restaurant where essentially you cook your own dinner, bookended of course by dipping food in cheese first, then later for dessert, chocolate. It's awesome.

There's a hot plate on your table and a pot into which your waitress puts various dips. The first course was a variety of bread you could dip in hot cheese. Mmmm. Then came salad. I'm sure some of you must have heard of this - raw green leafy vegetables in a bowl - very exotic, but no dipping. Dessert as I said was chocolate, as in various fruits, marshmallows, and even Rice Krispies treat to dip into it.

Your entree, and this is where it connects to FFD, potato people, is a variety of raw meats that you choose from the menu. You basically fork the meat (I got steaks) and place it in the hot pot for a while where it marinates/boils/deep fries. The stuff comes in various flavored and if you like well done, it could take a while. Next time I think I'll get the chicken FYI.

Anyway, dinner also comes with an assortment of vegetables. There're carrots, celery, and what's that under the broccoli? Yep, raw red potato wedges! Ray had kidded me beforehand that there were no French fries, but there were, kinda. The potato, like the steak, took a while to cook, but well worth it when done.

All kidding aside, I loved my experience at The Melting Pot and highly recommend it to all. It was a terrific fun night out with friends and a unique dining experience. And they even had potato product!

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Krista said...

One of my favorite places for a "fancy" night out! The Philly one is nice but annoying as hell with parking. We usually go to the Delaware one which practically is the same drive time all things considered. Glad you had a good time!