Monday, April 28, 2014

French Fry Diary 579: Hilton Garden Inn, Bridgewater NJ

The Hilton Garden Inn in Bridgewater NJ is where we stayed for, and where we attended, the NJ DIS Meet Weekend, both this year and last. There are tables and a bar off of the lobby, and apparently a restaurant too, called The Great American Grill according to the Guest Services Directory. They also claimed a breakfast that included potatoes - so that was where I was headed Saturday morning.

For $10.95 you got a hot buffet style breakfast that included French toast, bacon, and potatoes. A chef would also make omelets or waffles at your request. The French toast was pretty good, but the bacon had that cooked earlier and sat for a while vibe. As I was there a couple minutes after the place opened, the bacon was not a good sign.

The potatoes looked good so I had higher hopes for them. They were natural cut chunks, soft, hot and succulent, and mixed with red and green peppers and possibly onions. They were very good, and lightly seasoned. I would have definitely gone back for more if I thought I could. Nice breakfast.

For more on the NJ DIS Meet Weekend, check out the Make Mine Magic Podcast's special episode on the event here.

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