Friday, March 06, 2009

French Fry Diary 15: Pat’s Family Restaurant, Marlton NJ

You should not tempt someone like me in this manner. "Try our Fresh Fries!" Come on now, that’s just not fair.

Recently a Pat’s Family Restaurant opened locally. As with any new place nearby, we figured we would get there sooner or later – but when I passed by there and saw that sign… I knew it would be sooner.

We went there last night, and had a nice, if odd, dining experience. Seat yourselves, look at a menu, go up to the counter, order and reseat yourselves, and after a while, your food is brought out. Not streamlining at its best. I was also worried a bit about how well they were doing. It was an off night, but the employees to customers ratio was eight to two and didn’t change for the forty-five minutes we were there.

In what used to be the area’s best candy store before the fire, this Pat’s has an interesting décor – TVs on the walls, retro-future contour chairs and placemats recycled from shredded old magazines. Honestly I was reminded of a gimmicky dance club. And the music playing was quite eclectic too. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Lily Allen’s "Knock ‘Em Out" outside of my iPod Shuffle.

But that’s not what you or I am here to talk about, what about the favorite fried food? My burger (yeah, so, what else would I get?) came with French fries, so I didn’t get the bowl with the piled-up fries as shown on the menu, and they didn’t exactly look like them either. The burger was very good, but the fries were just okay.

The fries were standard natural regular cuts and deep-fried, and possibly baked afterward but I couldn’t be sure. The batch I got was pretty good, crunchy on the outside and sometimes hot and soft on the inside. If anything they reminded me a bit of the fries at Five Guys, but nowhere near as good as those. Good fries, but not worthy of bragging about – take the sign down.


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