Wednesday, September 16, 2009

French Fry Diary 44: Lord of the Fries

Here it is, folks, the number one reason I want to visit Australia, and the number one reason y’all should as well – Lord of the Fries!

With two locations in Melbourne, Lord of the Fries is the brainstorm of two people whose love for fries brought them together in the mission to create the perfect fry, and from all indications, they may have. Starting with a van in 2004, the next year they moved to a permanent location and continued to expand.

The fries themselves (and as I’ve never been there I’m going by pictures and descriptions alone) are extra thick natural cuts, fresh cut and fried twice, with no trans fats. At first I was shocked that the website provided photos of the burgers and the sauces but not the fries – but duh, I found quickly if you clicked on the sauces – there they were. After all, what else would someone be putting the sauces on, right?

Good stuff, can’t wait ‘til I get a chance to go to Melbourne!

So unless you already live Down Under, or until you get a chance to visit, follow them on Twitter and fan them on Facebook.

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1 comment:

wishlish said...

I dunno...if they only show the fries with sauce, I'm distrustful.

Plus...southern barbeque? What about midwestern barbeque?