Saturday, June 19, 2010

French Fry Diary 119: Casa Carollo’s Comedy Cabaret

The Bride and I have been going to the local Comedy Cabaret for literally decades, since we were dating. She of course still looks a hot twenty, and I look like, well, I look like I write a blog about French fries, if you get my drift. Regardless, we hadn’t gone in a while and decided to try the newest CC outlet as it’s right in our hometown. And while we were there, I thought I might also have some fries.

The area Casa Carollo’s has set aside for the Comedy Cabaret, combined with the bar area, really made me wonder how much was left of the actual restaurant based on the last time I had been there – but I didn’t really have a chance to explore and find out. There is after all a second floor.

The comedy show was actually pretty good. We especially enjoyed Marlton native Teri Valentine, emcee Jason Hazelwood and headliner Taylor Mason. We really didn’t like Frank Genzano who thought it was okay to make fun of the mentally handicapped, and we loved Jay Black who was a last minute substitution – he was great. And it was a nice trip down memory lane to hear "The Curly Shuffle" again.

But that’s not what you’re here for, is it? This is about the favorite fried food, not comedy. Casa Carollo Bar & Grille is a local Italian restaurant in Marlton NJ that has blossomed into a nightspot of sorts. The night we were there for comedy, they also had a singer in the front bar. The food is always excellent. I have always loved their steak sandwiches and especially the profiteroles.

For the comedy show they had a special 'comedy menu' so we ordered the fries from there. Just for the record, and to be fair, this isn’t accurately a review of Casa Carollo, as they also have special Carollo fries, Italian fries as well as onion rings, none of which we had this night, so we will have to come back. These fries were standard regular cuts, deep fried, not greasy and fun to snack on during a show. Not great, but not bad either. Either way, it’s a return trip for the comedy, the room, and the fries.

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