Thursday, June 23, 2011

French Fry Diary 238: Trader Joe's Baked Hickory Barbeque Potato Chips

Yeah, I was at Trader Joe's again. I know that Whole Foods might feel that I'm cheating on them, but trust me, I'll be back. Whole Foods still have the best selection of potatoes for making homemade French fries, and the best butcher shop - where else would I go for meat during barbecue season?

Speaking of barbeque, the last time I was at Trader Joe's, I picked up some chips, and by either advanced aged memory or just bad eyesight I picked up the wrong chips. I wanted the Trader Joe's Hickory Barbeque Potato Chips but instead picked up the Trader Joe's Baked Hickory Barbeque Potato Chips, and didn't find out until I got home.

I'm not fond of the baked chip, and it's not because of any kind of healthy bias either. They usually just taste bland to me, and usually also look processed like Pringles or Munchos. I was very surprised once I opened the almost-impossible-to-open bag.

First, they didn't look baked. They looked like regular chips, and they tasted like regular chips. Wow. They tasted like really good barbecue potato chips. So they have all the good stuff - low calorie, less fat, gluten free, baked - and also taste. And the best part is no crumbs at the bottom of the bag, it's all chips, and it's all good. Highly recommended.

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JuicyChicken said...

Barbeque Potato Chips would be delicious with baked barbeque chicken