Saturday, June 18, 2011

French Fry Diary 235: Klondike Kate's

We came down here to Klondike Kate's in Delaware with the family for Mother's Day brunch. It was chosen because of its equidistance between family members' homes, and was worth the trip. It's a pretty nice place, a TGI Fridays vibe in decor and regular menu. However, most of us were eating from the special brunch menu, a little removed from their regular fare.
Looking at the regular menu, I noticed that they have quite a selection of the favorite fried food - fries in regular and waffle and sweet potato, as well as tater tots and onion rings. I will definitely have to come back. My bro-in-law and my nephew wandered off the brunch menu and got beer-battered onion rings and natural cut fries. The rings were better than average according to the bro. Good for him as I'm not fond of the beer-battered type most of the time.

In the meantime, while we waited for our entrees, we got fantastic sticky buns as appetizers. I wish they had given us more but they were a bit stingy with them. This was a theme that would return throughout the meal.

I got the Texas Toast French Toast, which sounds much better than it actually was. It was terrific, but I was expecting huge Texas sized Texas toast - nope, much smaller than expected. It came with a side of home fries, also a very small helping. These were quartered natural cut potatoes fried in a sauce, similar to the kind sometimes found on the Disney Cruise. They were very succulent, but again, a skimpy serving.

This isn't a bad review, mind you, especially when my chief complaint is that I wanted more. All in all, a great brunch with great company, and as it was Mother's Day, all that really counts is that Mom had a great time.

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Ray Cornwall said...

As a Delaware alumni, I can tell you that Kate's was a distant second for a long time to the Deer Park. Then they Disneyfied the Deer Park, and there went that. I've never had nachos as good as the old Deer Park...