Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nendran Chips

These aren't your average everyday chips, this video, and the accompanying description from FIXOVISION tell you all about it:

If you have been if you are from South of India you will for sure recognize the Kerala Nendran chips. It is one of the popular snacks in Kerala. It is also called variously as "Nendrangna Chips", "Upperi" or "Kaya Varuthathu".

One generally snacks when not hungry enough or for just time pass. But the any time snack of "Nendran Chips" is purely entertainment.

The humble Nendran Chips is the most popular of all the plantain products. The Manjeri Nendran is the best suited for making the crispy, crumbly chips.

Deep fried in Coconut oil and seasoned with salt, it beats hollow any other type of snack (chips that is).

Any visit to my home town in Palghat (Palakkad) Kerala is not complete without buying loads of this stuff, both for our consumption and give away. Last week when I was at Palghat for the annual Kalpathy Ratholsavam (temple car festival), I was amazed to find a mechanical device doing the same job as the chip maker did. Slicing the raw banana into fine, even, thin and well engineered pieces, and putting them directly into the frying "uruli" filled with fresh coconut oil.

As if by magic, the pink Nendrans fall into the oil pan and emerge a crispy yellow. Too good to see and eat.

Dont even think about salt intake or you LDL levels. Grab a handful and start munching :))

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