Friday, July 29, 2011

French Fry Diary 251: Herr's Fireman's BBQ Chicken

Yeah, it's another impossibly long name for a type of potato chips - Herr's Fireman's BBQ Chicken artificially flavored potato chips. Like their two (at least two that I know of) meat flavored chips (Baby Back Ribs and Kansas City Steak) it's a challenge to even try. Meat flavored potato chips as a concept just seems wrong. For me, Herr's is hit and miss on good chips. I love the 'pig chips,' but I doubt I'll ever have the 'cow chips' again.

The Fireman's BBQ Chicken chips are described on the back of the bag as having the "right off the grill smoky flavor of succulent barbecued chicken." It also claims "a special blend of herbs, spices and a touch of tangy marinade." A look to the side reveals an unappetizing mix of chemicals in the ingredients, as well as the rather scary words, "chicken flavor."

When I tried them I didn't get the chicken flavor promised, and I guess that's a good thing. The chips were ripples like the pig chips, and also like them they are well spiced. These are good hot BBQ chips if nothing else, I liked them.

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