Sunday, January 10, 2010

French Fry Diary 77: Herr’s Baby Back Ribs Potato Chips

These potato chips are similar to Herr’s Kansas City Prime Steak chips in that I have to wonder if they taste like the meat or the stuff that goes on top of the meat. Whereas those chips are only for every once in a while, Herr’s Baby Back Ribs chips are something I am almost addicted to.

‘Pig chips’ as I lovingly call them have a sweet sweet flavor probably due to the molasses and sugar in the seasonings. There’s also the barbeque factor. I love barbeque sauce so naturally I’m attracted to these. Not much of a fan of baby back ribs, but I do love the sauce. And these are hot, you’ll need much liquid refreshment when partaking. Great chips, recommended.

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Anonymous said...

These are the BEST CHIPS!!!!!! I recently found a site that indicated that these were no longer going to be manufactured. Do you know if this is true?

Unknown said...

They are indeed very good.

I am still able to find them at Wawas and Shop-Rites in my area, and in various sizes. They are also on the Herr's website as well. So far as I can tell, they are still available.