Saturday, January 16, 2010

French Fry Diary 80: Burger King at Home 2

Welcome back to my reviews of ConAgra’s new Burger King fries for your home microwave. Last time I made the King Wedgez and today I’m going to give one of the other varieties a shot.

I tried the King Krinkz, the seasoned crinkle cut French fries. I did the same process as last time – Shake, Vent, Zap, Tap and Rip. This time however, while the box was in the microwave it smelled like they were burning. I was worried for a bit but let the three minute cook time run its course. I was hoping for another handy packaging miracle after I got them out, but unfortunately the Frypod fell apart when I ripped. Notably, just like the King Wedgez, this 'frypod' would have been half-empty anyway. There’s not many fries in these things.

The fries themselves were just standard frozen crinkle cuts that could have been purchased for much less at any grocery store, and they also had a weird orange tinge, an unhealthy too-much-time-in-the-tanning-booth orange. At first I wasn’t sure if they were seasoned or just burnt.

The seasoning has a hot spicy bite and a not-so-great aftertaste. The fries aren’t so good and have the taste and texture of bad microwave fries. Eat them quick (if you dare) because the longer they sit, the harder they get. Again, Ore-Ida microwaves are much much better. These are bad fries.

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