Sunday, January 17, 2010

French Fry Diary 81: Burger King at Home 3

We’ve tried out the King Wedgez and the King Krinkz, so the only variety (so far) of the new Burger King microwave fries to try are the King Kolassolz.

I do the Shake, Vent and Zap, and once again, like the King Krinkz, I smell something burning. I can’t tell you how worrisome this is for me. It’s enough to shoo me away from buying these things again before I’ve even tasted them. Just for the record, I’ve used the microwave since this event and no smell – it was the fries.

When I do the Tap and Rip, again I notice there are not many fries inside, but at least the ‘frypod’ stayed together. Because the fries are bigger and longer, a few actually stick out of the ‘frypod’ giving it that fast food container illusion despite there not being very many of them.

These fries are wide crinkle cuts, not quite Nathan’s Famous but bigger than regular crinkle cuts. They are quite mushy and possibly not all the way cooked. I find that odd as I used the same microwave oven and temperature for all three batches of these Burger King fries. They’re really not good, they taste like bad microwave fries, or worse yet, bad TV dinner microwave fries. But at least they aren’t the crappy fries you get at your BK drive-thru, but they’re not much better.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever review the Nathan's Famous crinkle cut fries?

Unknown said...

Actually, reviews of Nathan's are forthcoming, probably within a week or so. ;-)