Saturday, October 15, 2011

French Fry Diary 285: Maternity Fries

This weekend the family is celebrating the birth of my new niece. We made the pilgrimage up to the hospital to see her in all her eight pound new born glory. Just for the record, she's absolutely adorable.

Now that's all good and everything, but you're probably wondering why I'm talking about this here. There is a point, and it starts with me happy to see the new addition to the family and continues with me thinking I was crazy.

I was enjoying the whole family groove thing, the awww factor, and everyone taking turns holding the baby - when it happened. I smelled French fries. At first I thought I was losing it, that this near decade of writing about French fries had finally addled my brain - now I'm daydreaming fries.

Thankfully I'm sane. Lunch had come, and hidden underneath a cloche were some hospital-made natural cut regular cuts. Dad finished them off with some ketchup. Mom and baby are doing great - and I'm not nuts.

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