Saturday, July 13, 2013

French Fries Day 2013

July 13th is French Fries Day, be it National French Fries Day or Happy French Fries Day, I suppose that's really up to you.

There are many celebrations going on in the tater world today, believe it or not. News services are alive with suggestions as to where the best fries are. Various towns in Idaho are hosting picnics and parades. And of course many restaurants have fry-oriented offers and promotions today.

The French and Belgians are fighting (as always) about who invented the favorite fried food. We all know it was Belgium, but in this one case, somehow the French won't surrender.

The question is - how will you be celebrating today? Will you be cooking your own fries? Will you be going out to dinner, and getting fried spud as a side? or will you purposely seek out your favorite potato and celebrate specifically. Whatever you do, enjoy.

For me, I celebrated for dinner last night, by making Paula Deen's recipe for the favorite fried food.  There's an image to the left of the finished product.  Mmmm... fries...

Shameful woman, but I gotta say, she knows how to make a damn good French fry.

Happy French Fries Day, folks.

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