Tuesday, December 17, 2013

French Fry Diary 549: Tayto Smoky Bacon Crisps

Here's one that comes not from my usual exotic chip getting source, Marni, but from her significant other, Bob. Tayto is a snack company from across the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Ireland, specifically a castle in the Ulster countryside. Check out their website, they have dozens of intriguing flavors.

The flavor I have today is Smoky Bacon. The smoky aroma jumped out as I opened the bag. The flavor of the crisps (their word for chips) was interesting. It made me immediately wonder if Irish bacon was different from American bacon.

The bacon flavor is very strong and overpowering, not that that is a bad thing. It makes you savor the flavor of each crisp, and makes you eat them slower, so as to enjoy them. These are a treasure. I would love to try some of Tayto's other varieties now. Thanks, Bob!


tony ward said...

what an absolut idiot tayto are Irish and founded in the republic typical yank that don't have a clue

tony ward said...

wrong tayto is in ashbourne co meath republic of Ireland not northern Ireland typical yanks don't have a clue

tony ward said...

wrong there irish yanks no nothing

Glenn Walker said...

Thank you, Tony (or is it tony?), for your well reasoned and well written comments.

Most of my information was gleaned from Tayto's own website, but thank you for the correction.

Knowing where exactly these crisps are from however has not changed my mind about them.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy! :-)