Monday, July 07, 2014

French Fry Diary 597: Bacon Pringles

I heard about these on one of my favorite new podcasts, The Nosh Show. Bacon, being one of my favorite things, along with potato chips, the hunt began for Bacon Pringles. The Bride finally found them for me at, of all places, Walmart.

Much like Pringles' bizarre holiday flavors, this exclusive flavor is available for a limited time only. But alas, it's only artificially flavored. I was expecting some sweet bacon aroma when I popped the top of the Pringles can, but I got nothing.

I'm also not really getting a bacon taste from these crisps either. There is definitely some good smoke flavor, and unlike the bacon, that's in the ingredients. They do have that addictive quality that most Pringles have, and are quite good... but on the bacon scale, this is a fail.

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