Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wasabi Ginger Wins

While I was away, the Lay's Do Us a Flavor Contest was resolved, and a winner chosen.

The new Lay's flavor is Wasabi Ginger, and surprisingly the lady who suggested this wild flavor is actually local to me - Meneko Spigner McBeth of Westville NJ. Congratulations!

And special thanks go to Jen, and Ray, and all the other folks who hipped me to this. You all rock.

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Terry Willitts said...

I tried three of the four (never could find the bacon cheddar mac n cheese), and have to say this was the only logical choice out of the ones I sampled.

I didn't hate the Cappucino, if you nibbled on a couple chips slowly, it was enjoyable enough, but nothing I'd eat regularly.

The mango salsa was tasty, but again, nothing to be eaten with any sort of regularity.

The wasabi ginger had me munching on more. It's something that would go well with a variety of dishes, plus it was good on their own - the mango salsa wouldn't have gone well with a lot of dishes, for instance.