Friday, February 20, 2015

French Fry Diary 649: Lay's Stax Korean BBQ

As far as potato chips in a can go, I'm a big fan of Lay's Stax over Pringles. Other than Pringles having easier access to the chips, Stax is the overall winner in my book. The BBQ Stax in some cases are better than the standard BBQ chips - thick, tasty, and uniform, always good for dipping.

Now while I am a fan of meat on the street on a stick, I have never actually had real Korean BBQ. So this flavor - Korean BBQ Stax - was an adventure for me. When I opened the can, there was a distinct meat chip aroma. Checking the ingredients, I found beef fat among the chemicals, and notably MSG. I would still try these.

These are close to the regular mesquite BBQ that Stax has but with a bit of a kick to them. Not unpleasant and not too much of an aftertaste either. These are pretty good and with their thickness they are excellent for dipping, with the dip cutting any heat. I liked these quite a bit.

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