Friday, September 04, 2015

French Fry Diary 670: The Curse of the McWhopper

You may have heard the recent hubbub over Burger King wanting to unite with McDonald's to make the McWhopper - a hybrid product consisting of the top of the Big Mac and the bottom of the Whopper - available at one location in honor of Peace Day on September 21st. Famously, McDonald's passive/aggressively turned Burger King down.

Here's the thing though. Anyone who's paying attention knows what the real deal is and where the real passive/aggression lies. Look at the proposed McWhopper, folks, seriously, just look at it. The bottom, the BK half, has a bigger and better looking burger. The sandwich is not a cylinder, but a pyramid. This is merely an exercise is Burger King quietly demonstrating that the Whopper is bigger than the Big Mac. Sneaky sneaky, BK.

And although I'm not a condiment guy, preferring my burgers plain, I would rather have a BK patty over Mickey D's. That said, a lot of folks have noted they would love to try the mythical McWhopper. The folks at Serious Eats have even made their own and offer the recipe here.

One thing is for sure, if they ever do offer the McWhopper, or if you make one yourself, get McDonald's fries to eat with it - it's one of the few things that Mickey D's always does right. BK, not so much.


Terry Willitts said...

Nah, if you're going to do your own McWhopper, you wanna do Five Guys fries, 'cuz they trump both (and most others, if not all, chain burger joint fries.)

Glenn Walker said...

Five Guys fries are certainly up there, but I was choosing between McDonald's and Burger King on the fry front.

Speaking of which, if you do a search on Serious Eats, I'm pretty sure they have recipes to make your own Five Guys as well. :-)