Monday, November 16, 2015

French Fry Diary 682: An Open Letter

I love you folks. You send me pictures, comments, and sometimes your own experiences at places I have reviewed, and I love it. But sometimes I get feedback on the French Fry Diary site that is mean, personal, or just downright insulting. Sometimes it's from folks who work for places I have reviewed negatively. I get that.

Sometimes it's from folks who I have termed 'health Nazis' who think fast food and junk food are among other such evils (and sometimes worse than) as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. That's fine. I like French fries, so I'm going to write about them. My point is - you don't have to read about them.

I have often wondered why people who hate what I do would insist on reading my blog. I don't get that. If you think fast food is poison, why would you take the time to stop and read (and comment!) on a blog dedicated to the celebration of fast food??

I don't like broccoli, so I don't order broccoli in restaurants, and I certainly do not read about broccoli online. Why the hell would I be reading about broccoli? Seriously, if you're a reader, and you hate what I'm saying, why are you here? I would really like to know. Please, explain it to me.


Ray Cornwall said...

If you hate French fries, you hate America.


Sarah said...

Nicely put Ray. I think people just like their recreational outrage. French Fries are from heaven

Heironymous said...

Wait, I thought this blog was about freedom fries? Or have recent current events returned things to their former state?

Maybe they just hold dear that old Nick Lowe tune, You gotta be cruel to be kind! Either way, I just hope you are not censoring their right to wail on you...or is it whale at you?

So, do you actually have a link to the broccoli blog? :-)