Saturday, July 16, 2016

French Fry Diary 710: National French Fries Day Aftermath

This past Wednesday was National French Fries Day, and as you might expect it was a pretty big day around here. Such a big day, it took a few days to recover, lol. There were a few things I wanted to talk about though that I missed in the last blog entry.

The big news, if you don't already know, is that I was featured in USA Today in a article by Larry Bleiberg about, you guessed it, French fries. You can read "10 Must-Try French Fries Across the USA" right here. Special thanks to Larry, for putting up with my fry obsession in emails and phone conversations putting this together, it was awesome fun!

In Canada McDonald's celebrated National French Fries Day in a special way with #FryLove. There was a Twitter campaign and even t-shirts that are now sadly sold out. I'm sorry I wasn't hip to it before it happened.

And finally, to celebrate the day, The Bride and I had some fries at b. good, and they were fantastic. I hope your fries were just as good. Happy belated National French Fries Day!

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amy hollinger said...

Aw cool! Congrats