Wednesday, May 01, 2013

French Fry Diary 487: Arby's House Made Chips

As part of their promotion for their King's Hawaiian roast beef sandwich, along with their Triple Berry Shake, Arby's has also introduced House Made Chips. The ads claim they are made fresh daily with Arby's sauce seasoning.

A new fried potato product at Arby's? Guess where I'm going for lunch. When I first got to the restaurant, the counterperson was helping a handicapped lady to her seat, and getting her food and drink for her. What FourSquare says about the West Berlin Arby's having "the nicest fast food staff ever" is right on target. Serious props to Sabrina who took my order and the lady's before me.

For only $1.79, these kettle style potato chips come in a very large portion, and in a wax paper bag like old fashioned chips back in the day, nice touch. As far as 'made fresh daily,' I suspect they're made in batches early in the day and kept under heat lamps. That's not a bad thing though, chips don't have to be fryer hot. Although if that's what you like, plan an early lunch.

At first glance it appeared a few of them were burnt, but that's not the case at all. These have just the right texture for homemade chips, crispy yet meaty at once, like well done fried potatoes. The Arby's sauce seasoning they are tossed in provides a delicious and unique, not quite barbeque flavor. Good stuff.

These are so good, I had almost eaten the whole order without even thinking about it. Truly the mark of a good potato chip - you can't eat just one. Thumbs up. Way to go, Arby's.

Thanks to my friend Bryan who hipped me to these new chips via the Facebook, and to Sabrina who has changed my mind about how I feel about Arby's.


Anonymous said...

Tried them. Do not like them. Way way to salty & spicy. Scrapped allthe salt & spice off with a napkin & then they were not to bad. Offer them plain & might consider trying yhrm again, but as they are I will never get them again.

Unknown said...

I can see that. If you're not a fan of the Arby's seasoning, you won't like these. It's a good point, they should offer them plain as well.

Anonymous said...

These chips are disgusting. They don't taste anything like their BBQ sauce. Thay taste like battery acid with a heavy dose of salt.

I think they would have been delicious if they had just been salted.

Unknown said...

Everyone likes different things, and has different opinions, it's cool. I'm just sorry that you apparently know what battery acid tastes like. ;-)

I have actually heard from several people who agree with you about just plain chips with salt.

Maybe Arby's will read this and make adjustments.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your review. I think they are quite tasty. they go excellent with the Reuben.

Anonymous said...

Theyre dank

Unknown said...

Apparently not all Arby's are alike, check out my latest French Fry Diary entry: