Tuesday, October 13, 2009

French Fry Diary 55: Maisy’s, Baltimore

While attending the Baltimore Comic Con, we thought we would also do some fry hunting as long as we were also looking for a place to eat dinner.

My initial choice was a place called Tir Na Nog, as it had been recommended by a regular reader of this blog. When we mentioned it to someone at the hotel front desk, we were turned away because they were overpriced and had much too small portions. She instead suggested a similar Irish pub-like place around the corner called Mick O’Shea’s. Once we checked out the menu we found they alas had no fries.

On our walk back to the hotel we decided to try a place called Maisy’s, a cozy little bar/pub/restaurant that did, in fact, have fries. We were sold.

First came the onion rings, which magically were served in a French fry cone. They were only okay, breaded but greasy, but I have to give them points for presentation, just not for the food itself. The start of the meal however was ruined by a smoker just outside the open window by our table. Maryland outlawed smoking in restaurants and bars, but apparently not just outside open windows.

I was wildly original, being the catastrophically picky eater I am, and ordered the burger and fries. The burger was Angus beef and very good, juicy, so juicy it squirted my shirt – but it was so worth it. Very delicious. The fries were natural cut shoestrings sprinkled with parsley flakes – a little soggy (maybe from the burger) but quite tasty. Good friends, good conversation and good food, a great night out in Baltimore.

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