Friday, February 05, 2010

French Fry Diary 88: Friendly’s Fry Flashback

This is actually a review from almost a decade ago when Friendly’s Family Restaurant had good fries. The concept for this blog has been on my mind for a long time and I’ve been writing these things for a while, and unfortunately sometimes they become outdated. But just because Friendly’s has horrible fries now doesn’t mean they always did, so let’s hop in the wayback machine and take a peek into the past…

Friendly Fries sneak up on you. You think they’re just a side dish but after three or four trips to Friendly’s –who just for the record have really good food and desserts- you’ll be going back just for the fries. And ordering the large order too, a big whopping plate piled with fries.

Friendly Fries, as they are called, from the Friendly’s Family Restaurant franchise, are regular cuts and sometimes quite long, always golden brown, never greasy and usually crispy. These are some of the best fries around. Recommended.

Ah, yeah, those were the good old days. For a look at the current state of Friendly Fries, click here. Officially un-recommended.

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