Wednesday, February 03, 2010

McCain Introduces Masala Fries

One of the world's leading manufacturers of frozen French fries, McCain, is introducing a new product into some of its markets - Masala Fries.

From PotatoPro: "McCain Foods India Pvt Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of McCain Foods Ltd. Canada, has introduced a unique product - Masala Fries for the Institutional customers. The product has been introduced at Hosts 2010 being held in Mumbai annually. It is India’s first and largest hospitality tradeshow.

"McCain Masala Fries are SuperCrisp French Fries coated with a special Indian-style spicy seasoning. They are ideal for catering, fast food and restaurants as they deliver excellent hold time and perfect cost control.

"McCain Foods India Pvt. Ltd. currently offers wide variety of mouth-watering products, best suited for the Indian consumer, like Aloo Tikki, Tandoori Vege Nuggets and Vege Burgers apart from popular products like French Fries, Smiles, Savoury Potato Wedges, Hashbrowns etc."

Mmmm... Masala fries... Can't wait until they're available in the States, and to the public, they should go great with curry!

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