Monday, February 15, 2010

French Fry Diary 93: Ore-Ida Easy Fries

Having mentioned these the other day, and frequently comparing them to Burger King’s new product, I figured it was about time I reviewed Ore-Ida’s Easy Fries. These Golden Crinkles come in their own trademarked Crisp & Serve Tray. They’re fun, quick and easy.

Like Burger King’s microwave fries, these cook right in the box in which you purchased them. The directions are very simple with one-word commands also similar to the BK variety. I have to wonder if the folks in charge of microwave fries think French fry lovers have a learning deficit.

Here are the directions you really need to know. Make sure the fries are flat in a single layer, and that the lid is touching them wherever possible. Microwave times and temperatures vary so experiment a bit. The box says four minutes but I have found three minutes and fifty seconds are best for me. And the box gets very hot while cooking and might stick to the bottom of the oven so use a paper plate underneath.

The whole thing remains very hot when they are done, so be careful, use a potholder if necessary. Shake the box onto a plate – you can even use the paper plate you rested the box on like I do. Season as desired, eat and enjoy.

The fries themselves are crinkle cuts (Easy Fries also come in a regular cut style), and if you’re lucky, they should come out just the right amount of hot, soft and crisp. There might be one or two that don’t make the cut – usually the thin or very small pieces – but for the most part, these are quick perfect fries.

Are you paying attention, Burger King?

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