Friday, September 17, 2010

French Fry Diary 146: Catastrophically Picky Eaters

Imagine me standing up in front of a roomful of strangers, and saying, "Hi, my name is Glenn Walker, and I am a catastrophically picky eater." Sometimes at mealtimes out with a group of people, or before I was married on dates, I have felt like I should be a part of some Picky Eaters Anonymous group like that. Even here on French Fry Diary I have invented the term, catastrophically picky eater for myself, at first as a joke, and sometimes as a defense mechanism.

Yeah, I like, no, scratch that, I love French fries. And there are a few foods that I also really enjoy, but there are far more that I really don't, and won't even try. I'm pretty strictly meat and potatoes. Over the course of my relationship and later marriage to The Bride I have branched out a bit. Pizza and Chinese food, for example, are things that I never would have touched in my teen years. And I have endeavored to try at least one new thing every time we go on vacation. So I'm not completely insane.

But. I just saw a show on the Food Network that made me not only think I'm completely normal, but made me rethink if I'm even in the running for that Catastrophically Picky Eater title. The show was called "My Life in Food" and the episode "I'm an Adult Picky Eater." Wow.

The episode followed three adults - a woman who pretty much only ate breadsticks, a man grilled cheese, and yes, a woman who ate the favorite fried food. It also talked about a website specifically for adult picky eaters, Picky Eating Adults Support, and a convention (a little one) for folks with this problem. And it is a problem, these folks are definitely suffering. I guess I'm not a catastrophically picky eater after all.

In closing, it is worth noting, that at their get-together, most of them ordered French fries. Come on, who doesn't like French fries? …well, maybe, one or two of these folks, but that's okay.

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