Wednesday, September 15, 2010

French Fry Diary 144: Tacoma and the Plaza

For today's Somebody Else's Fries, here are two pics from my friends Crystal and Jeff.

The first one is of some tasty looking regular cuts from an unknown restaurant/bar in Tacoma Washington. They appear to be batter-fried or invisicoated and sprinkled lightly with Parmesan, and maybe garlic (Jeff couldn't remember, but it's cool, just look at those fries).

Our second Somebody Else's Fries aren't even fries at all, but everyone's second favorite side dish, onion rings. This photo was taken at the Diner at the Plaza on Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia. These thin crispy onion rings just look so perfect and delicious.

Crystal says, "That was my dinner... Pork maybe? Or steak? Whichever it was, they were like the lightest shoestring onion slices fried and garnished..."

I'll have to get over there and try them sometime...

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1 comment:

Jeffrey said...

Diner At the Plaza is a pretty nice place. I mean, it's a diner, but the food is good and decently priced, and the staff is really friendly. Crystal and I are usually recognized by the wait staff, even though we really don't go that often. We should take you next time you happen to be in the city.