Wednesday, June 06, 2012

French Fry Diary 379: Alexia Onion Rings

I've mentioned these dozens of times but I don't think I've ever actually reviewed them. Other than Mrs. Paul's Onion Rings, which I don't think they make any more, Alexia Onion Rings are my favorite grocer's freezer rings.

Now I've talked about Alexia's beer battered rings, but these are the real deal - 'Crispy Golden Onions with Sea Salt' and the Panko bread crumb covering. Alexia does it best. No cholesterol and no transfats either, so how can you lose?

There are deep frying instructions, in small print, probably because they are not great done that way. Of course if you like extra crispy and crunchy, go for it. It's not my preference, especially when baking them is healthier, and tastier. Unlike a lot of frozen grocer side snacks I talk about here, Alexia's directions are perfect as far as timing and temperature.

I sometimes open the bag, add various seasonings, then coat them Shake N Bake style in their own bag. But that's just me. I love these rings and dip them in barbeque sauce, or you can even make your own dipping sauce from the recipe on the side of the bag.

Alexia Onion Rings rock, period, recommended.

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Anonymous said...

deep frying is so much better the baking